• GameMaster - Your Gamespy Alternative

GameMaster is an alternative Gamespy Masterserver for old and unsupported games. Our goal is to get all your favourite multiplayer games working again. This is a long way with took us much time already but we are proud to give you the ability to play a lot of games again!

No VPN needed!

Some alternatives call themselves "the official Gamespy alternative" but use VPN connections to give you the ability to play the games online together. This solutions are not designed to work native like before. You need to run a third party tool with adverts and have to use the LAN-Browser instead of the real Internet-Browser ingame.

Especially the pings are higher because of the VPN tunneling. And also a third party account is required. You don't need to have an "account" if you don't want to. And what is with games that really need a Gamespy Login? With our solution you can register and login with a Gamespy-Account like before. Only thing: We don't have your old account you will need to re-register. But that shouldn't be the problem! It's easy like before.

GameMaster Launcher
GameMaster Launcher

Download our GameMaster-Launcher and play supported Games on your Computer! This launcher is the easiest way to play Star Wars Battlefront I & II, Borderlands 1 and Midnight Club 2.

Ghost Recon Launcher
Ghost Recon Launcher

Download our Ghost Recon Launcher and play this lovely old game on your computer! This launcher is the easiest way to play Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2

GameMaster is completely free!

We don't show nasty adverts ingame or on third party tools. We're just a little Community and do this project in our free time. Feel free to contribute to us with paypal. You'll find a Paypal-Button on the right side. Our infrastructur costs 30€ / month. This includes the webpage and some official gameservers.

  • What others say about our Project

We can simply play our lovely Star Wars Battlefront I & II again without problems. Thank you for your hard work!

Administrator of SWBF3.de

Playing my SWBF2 again without third party tools is the best you've done!

Players of SWBF2-Community

Thank you guys for working on getting mc2 going!

Donation from TurtleSLow

Thanks for allowing me to play starwars battlefront 2 online again, you rock!

Donation from Ruben