Gaming the way it should be - without third party tools

GameMaster is an alternative Masterserver for unsupported Gamespy Games. Our goal is to get all the old gamespy games working again. On this way we will need your help. Register at our forum to get support for your game on pc or ps2.

How does it work?

We re-engineered the Gamespy Protocol and created a entirely new solution to support old gamespy games based on wireshark dumps. We're not using openspy or other sources. Because of this entirely new solution we are proud to offer you an totally dynamic solution with multiple masterservers to provide a load balancing.

Does it cost something?

No, GameMaster is completely free and will never ask you for money to use it. But we would need your support to get all games working. And it would be great if you could donate 1€ or more so that we could rent our servers for a long time.

What services do we offer?

  • Native Ingame Browser
  • Ingame Server
  • Dedicated Server
  • Ingame Accounts
  • Support of PS2 and PC games

Location of your servers? High Ping? Aarrghh...

We only offer you the connection between the Ingame Serverlist and your Client. The connection from your Client to the Gameserver depends on your Internetprovider and Location. If you know someone who can host Gameservers for your Country speak to him! Maybe he will host an Gameserver for your favorite game. We offer you two Masterservers with different locations (New York, USA and Frankfurt, Germany). You can also host your gameserver at an hosting company like Hypernia ( or ServerBiz. They support our little project.

We need you!

Please register at our forum and discuss with us. We need your feedback to improve our services. Your feedback is very important for us! And host some dedicated gameservers for our supported games. That will support our community with enough gameserver to play on.

If you do not trust our modified files

You have some ways to get our solution working - you don't need to download our patched executables. All ways are described in our forum. First way is our patched executable - that's the easiest way to start. Second way is to change your windows hosts file to redirect traffic from gamespy to our solution. Third way (and best way) is to change your dns server settings to our dns servers. That will only resolve all gamespy subdomains to our solution.

If you need help

Visit our forum (see main menu) and ask your questions! Registration is simple and free.

Special thanks to

  • Kalle (hosting, development)
  • LeKeks (development)
  • ReeN (testing, german community administrator,
  • DasTier (testing)
  • Luigi Auriemma ( Website)
  • SWBF2 Community for trusting our Project