• GameMaster - Gaming the way it should be

GameMaster is an alternative Gamespy Masterserver for old and unsupported games. Our goal is to get all your favourite multiplayer games working again. This is a long way with took us much time already but we are proud to give you the ability to play a lot of games again!

No VPN needed!

Some alternatives that call themselve the "official Gamespy alternative" and use VPN connections to give you the ability to play the games online. This solutions are not desigend to work native like before. You need to run a third party tool with adverts and have to use the LAN-Browser instead of the real Internet-Browser ingame.

Especially the pings are higher because of the VPN tunneling. And also a third party account is required. You don't need to have an "account" if you don't want to. And what is with games that really need a Gamespy Login? With our solution you can register and login with a Gamespy-Account like before. Only thing: We don't have your old account you will need to re-register. But that shouldn't be the problem! It's easy like before.

GameMaster is completely free!

We don't show nasty adverts ingame or on third party tools. We're just a little Community and do this project in our free time. Feel free to contribute to us with paypal. You'll find a Paypal-Button on the right side. Our infrastructur costs 30€ / month. This includes the webpage and some official gameservers.

Different Masterservers - which one should I use?

We offer you two different Masterservers atm to provide a simple load balancing. The databases of the two servers are in sync and it doesn't matter what Masterserver you use. You will definately see the same servers and can use the same accounts. There is one server for european players and another for american players. Your ping to the gameserver of your choice will be the same - it doesn't matter what server you use. Our solution is not like a VPN-based solution there the ping gets higher because of the tunneling protocol.

Easy to use for our supported games!

You only need to download a patched executable for your favourite game and replace it with the original file. After that all gamespy-related things will get redirected to us. And don't worry about viruses or trojans - if you don't trust us you can easily modify the files on your own or use our dns server that redirects all gamespy.com domains to our own domains. We provide you helpful videos for every situation on our youtube channel (gamesharede).

We need you!

We invested much time into re-engineering the whole gamespy protocol and implement it into our own solution - it's completely self written and does not use some of the public gamespy sources. With our dynamic solution it's easy to integrate more and more games without much trouble. Please register on our forum and provide us information about your favorite game or just support our community.

Gameserver hosting is easy like before!

You can easily host your own dedicated servers for every supported game. Just replace the server executable with our patched executable, patch the file on your own or use our dns server. You can also rent a server from Hypernia (Purepings) or Serverbiz. Just visit their sites and check them out!

Kalle (Admin, developer)

Kalle is the head of this project. He provides support for users and coordinates the next steps for GameMaster. He also does speak to members of different Gaming Communitys who still play old games with gamespy Multiplayer.

LeKeks (developer)

LeKeks is the main developer for our Masterserver implementation. With his great work GameMaster is the modern re-engineered piece of code that allows you to see servers ingame again. Big thanks for your great work! We all really appreciate that!